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Proceedings of the European Conference
Local Investment in Wind Energy
28th November 2003 - Paris


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Project partners

Project results

European conference



Introduction and European experiences

Introduction (PDF)

Mrs Maguite Chichereau-Dinguirard, Vice-President of HESPUL (France)
Mr Jean-Louis Bal, , Director Renewable Energy and Buildings, ADEME (France)
Mr Jean Besson, former Member of French Parliament, Rapporteur on National Debate on Energy to Mrs Nicole Fontaine, Minister delegate for Industry
Mr Preben Maegaard, President of World Wind Energy Association, WWEA (Denmark)
Mr Didier Lenoir, President of Comité de Liaison Energies Renouvelables, CLER (France)

European experiences (PDF)
Why local investment in wind energy should be encouraged ?

Mr Jochen Twele, BundesVerband WindEnergie e.v., BWE (Germany)
Mr Gunnar Boye Olesen, OVE, Coordinator of INFORSE Europe Network
Mr Josep Puig, Director of ECOSERVEIS
Mr Alain Cabanes, President of the association of municipalities of Haut-Vivarais, coordinator of CLEO - Local Authorities Concerned about Wind Energy –

• Exchange with the participants

Round tables

Exchanges on on-going projects (PDF)

Round Table led by Mr Jacques Quantin, Energies et Territoires Développement (France)

Mr François Pelissier, Manager of ERELIA
, Mr Gilbert Zieger, President of the association of Municipalities of la Vézouve (France)
A project initiated by an individual in Lorraine
Mr Hubert Corpet, Président of the NGO « ADER Picardie Verte », Mr Christophe Roger, project manager ADEME Picardie (France)
A project initiated by farmers in Picardie

Mrs Angela Duignan, Project Development Manager, Energy4All (United Kingdom)
The Baywind Energy Co-operative

How these financial involvements can be facilitated ? (PDF)

Round Table led by Mr Philippe Rocher, Cabinet METROL (France)

Mr Jan Poppe, TRIODOS Bank, Account Manager Project Finance for Renewable Energy Projects
Mr Jean-Michel Youinou, Loans Manager, La NEF
Mrs Nathalie Guimbert, representative for Energy in French Ministry of Environment and sustainable Development
Mr Jean-Yves Grandidier, Secretary of France Energie Eolienne
Mr Antoine Saglio, Director of Syndicat des Energies Renouvelables
Mr Philippe Beutin, Head of Renewable Energies Department, ADEME

Synthesis (PDF)

Mr Jacques Quantin, Energies et Territoires Développement (France)

Download the whole proceedings (PDF)

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