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Focused on local and/or jointly financing as a means to improve the acceptability of wind farms among local population and as a contribution to the sustainability of wind energy as a whole, WELFI project aims at transferring earlier experience in Denmark and Germany on this topic to "learning countries", namely France, Greece, Poland and Spain.

The structure of the project is based on a comparative analysis of the legal, social and financial framework in each of the "tutor countries" (Denmark and Germany), allowing to identify replicable rules and practices

Finally, an operational guide will be delivered : a CD-rom and internet web site including relevant informations on local and jointly financing best practices, expected to support local initiatives and developers in using local/joining investment in wind farms. Economical assessment tool on line.

The work plan is divided in four phases

Phase 1 :
German and Danish co-operatives and local financing schemes description and analysis

Phase 2 : Description and analysis of the legal and financial context in "learning" countries (France, Spain Greece) in order to evaluate the feasibility of national schemes for local financing

Phase 3 : Highlighting of common characteristics and of specificity through national workshops in "learning countries". Identification and description of on going projects in France and Spain.

Phase 4 :
Dissemination of results. Organisation of a European conference, implementation of a dedicated web-site, publication of a "European best practice booklet" (CD-Rom).

WebMaster : Grégory MARTINAT